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Chrissa Barton

Artist & Author


Chrissa is an independent artist, author, and streamer with a love for magic and nature.  She has a deep passion for exploring fantasy, mythology, and finding escape amidst brushstrokes.

She started her art career as an VFX artist in AAA games in the US at studios like Disney Interactive and ArenaNet, before making the leap to move to Sweden to experience a new way of life and work in 2D game art.  All the while, she strove to  build up her independent illustrations on the side.  After years of work, she has recently taken another leap to pursue her dream of independent illustrations and solo business ownership full time! 

She is the author of "How to Draw Your RPG Characters," a step-by-step how to draw book that is all about teaching you how to pick up a pencil and bring your fantasy characters to life!


Chrissa graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Animation.

When she isn’t drawing, or making video game magic, Chrissa likes to dance, wander through the forest, and get lost in fantasy novels.

If you are interested in contacting Chrissa (ChrissaBug) for a commercial project, please email:

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