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 New Profession Player Skills

 New Profession Legend Summon

Designed general look of summon, animated and billboarded concept art and added supporting vfx

Skill Bar VFX

UI Targeting Decals for New Skills

Universal Smoke Material

Mulan Cannon

Snow Queen Abilities

Cherry Bomb

Time Square Billboards

Built all (pre-paintover) effects for Disney Infinity Times Square Billboards

New Fire and Smoke (End Result)

New Fire and Smoke (test)

  • Burnt down Lions Arch (Main Hub City in Guild Wars 2) using new model fire material.                                                                           
  • Assembled all new model fire and supporting particle elements              
  • Created prototype for new fire and smoke shader
  • Testing new procedural model material
  • Offset flow map distortion scrolling and scaling reduces repetition
  • Testing new particle smoke shader

Halloween Fireworks

Scourge Player Skills Early Development

"Sheriff" Gunsmoke

Pearl Shader

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